Dr. Shawn Chou, Chiropractor


Dr. Chou shares his story about setting aside the time in his schedule for coaching and the results he gained. 


Dave Burlin,  military veteran entrepreneur, speaker, and owner of davemeansbusiness.com

Hi, I’m Dave. I decided to take advantage of the High Performance Assessment because with my experience in working with previous coaches, I understand the power of getting the accountability and having an outside perspective of what I need to accomplish in my life and business.

I LOVED the idea of the coaching session being 3 hours. Most coaching sessions I’ve experienced have been on average of 45-50 minutes. During this session, it definitely shined a light on some areas of critical growth for me. I allowed myself to get really raw and I felt exhausted afterwards, but in a good way.

I walked away with the insight that my health is important and I implemented more of a focus to improve my diet and exercise. Overall, I know that I am better for it. Unpacking everything we did in the session was very appropriate for where everything is at in my business right now.

If you want to be better, do this coaching! Be open and honest with yourself and you will unlock something within yourself that you know you have needed to deal with for a long time.

Mike Ang

Client and Business Owner

I have experienced Judy as an amazing coach, giving lots of space for her client to process thoughts, ideas and emotions with the questions she raises. In that way she has challenged and helped me to get to the next level of my performance. I highly recommend her as coach.

Nusreth Baig

Internet Marketer and owner of www.nusrethbaig.com

Judy is a ridiculously nice, very helpful, and very generous person. She doesn't hold back when it comes to sharing tips, strategy, and anything else that may help you get ahead in any area of life. She comes from a mindset of tremendous abundance.

Skye Zimmerman

Client and Business Owner


Kaylie Michel, military veteran entrepreneur and owner of Cataldrive

Hi I’m Kaylie. I learned early in my own personal development that to develop my business, I would have to grow personally in order to grow professionally. That concept has always stayed with me and when I find an opportunity to work with a coach, I take it. Judy quickly created a trust during our initial phone conversation prompting me to move forward with the High Performance Coaching Session. She talked about the concept that I hold dear-grow personally in order to grow professionally-which is why I wanted to do the coaching session with her

Realizing that the coaching session was 3 hours was overwhelming but I knew that a coaching session easily goes quickly because of all the great information and engagement involved. I loved the coaching experience overall. Every item we talked about was well thought out and meaningful to me. We didn’t talk about anything that I thought was generic, it was all well focused on my questionnaire that I completed.

The number one biggest takeaway from the session was discovering the ultimate why to my mental hurdles in accomplishing major tasks in my business. I realized that the personal hurdles were directly affecting my professional hurdles.

After my session, I implemented targeted practices to help with consistency and motivation. This High Performance Coaching is absolutely worth it! I say this as honestly as possible. I used to be on the fence about coaching, thinking it would be a waste of my time and generic concepts. With Judy, it’s the farthest thing away from that. I had a completely unique experience that was 100% tailored and designed to me.

Nina Kalmund- International Speaker, Award winning architect and Published Author of  "The Anagram Of God Is Dog: The Magic Dog's Seven Secrets To A Truly Good Life"

It took me only a few hours to figure out that Judy is sincere, trustworthy, reliable and generally a good person, in the best sense of the word. Knowing on top of that a little of her past, being in the Navy and working as a nurse, both for many years, I figured that she is also hard working and able to put the need of others above herself.

Christopher Kinley, military entrepreneur

Hi, My name is Chris and I decided to take advantage of the High Performance Assessment because I needed to put together a plan of action to get me closer to achieving my goals as an entrepreneur. As a 3 hour coaching session, it was a reasonable amount of time for me because I know it takes time to peel back the layers of what was holding me back. Previous coaching sessions I’ve had were at max, 1 hour, which I believe added to the ineffectiveness of the experience. The whole coaching experience was smooth and seamless. I was inspired. New concepts connected with me and at the end of the session, I was ready to go take action!

Judy helped me figure out my “how” and piece together the things that I needed to focus on instead of doing busywork. After my session, I am implementing reading a personal development book everyday for 30 minutes, take a 10 minute break every 50 minutes to recharge, and stay consistent with building my target audience. Taking action on these things, my business will run more efficiently and everyone in my team will know why we exist as a company. I wake up now everyday inspired and excited to build my business.

If you are a person who wants to be a high performance entrepreneur and take your skillset to the next level, then you MUST take full advantage of high performance coaching!

Samuel Roberto, Founder and Host of Heroes Thrive Podcast

Judy is an amazing High-Performance Coach. Over the years I have heard about HPA’s and never thought I would actually do a coaching session. Before our session, I was a bit nervous but Judy was very easy to talk to and open up to. She truly cares about you and your success in life and in business.

There were a lot of great takeaways during the call. I discovered things that I never really thought of about business. I realized the importance of meditation and really taking some time for yourself to re-energize your body, mind and focus.

The main thing for me about the session was the importance of my habits. Judy helped me understand how my habits affect my daily life and routine. She helped me see clearly that if I can change a few habits then I can really see results in life and in my business.

If you are not sure whether or not a High-Performance Coaching session is for you, I would say, definitely go for it. The questions she asks you are so deep that it really opens up your mind to the possibilities of success in your life and business. 


Felita Brady,  military veteran entrepreneur

Hello, my name is Felita. I decided to do the High Performance Coaching because I wanted to find out ways to become more productive during the day in my business and professionally.
My initial thoughts about the Coaching is that I may not get all of the answers that I am looking for and what if the tools given to me do not work for me. Let me tell you the time allotted (3 hours) for the coaching session was more than enough time to get everything I needed along with asking questions.
Other coaching sessions I have had have not been as in depth as this one. I had one of the best experiences with Judy. She was professional, courteous, and very knowledgeable.
This coaching session really made me think and get to the root of what has been getting in the way of the goals I've been attempting to reach. I received a lot of positive feedback and some great strategies to utilize throughout my day and at the end of the day.
My takeaways from this session were that all is not loss for my dreams and goals. I need to make a plan at the beginning of my day before starting with those things that generally consume and distract me.
Since my coaching session, at the beginning of my day after prayer and meditation, I make a list of everything that I want to accomplish that day. At the end of my day, I practice my exercise to settle down and prepare for a goodnight rest to be ready for my next day.
This coaching session has allowed me to have a different outlook on my business and how to approach those areas that I find to be hard. Within the past 2 weeks, my business has increased, I was able to reach out to more people in my community to educate them.
I would recommend that if you are struggling with launching your business, staying on track to complete those things you need to do, or want to know how to be the best you, to sign up for this High Performance Coaching session. It will be well worth your time. Thank you Judy!

Niurka Castaneda, military veteran entrepreneur

HI, I am Niurka and just had an incredible 3 hours high performance coaching section with Judy Skilling.

She was incredible. She helped me find clarity on my personal and business goals. She shared several meditation and mindfulness techniques that I can implement in my life today to maximize my productivity and really laser focus on what I need to do to achieve the desired success in my business and personal life.

During this impactful high performance section, Judy also shared some incredible productivity techniques that I could take action right away, like starting my day by limiting distractions and outline the task I need to focus on for that day to make measurable progress.

If you are looking to find the purpose and the why that drives you or trying to get clarity to improve your performance in your business and your personal life; I, Niurka Castaneda 100% recommend Judy Skilling as the best high performance coach that you could work with to obtain the immediate results that you are looking for.

Business and Professional Women of Colorado 


Thank you so much for coming to our Aurora Business Women’s dinner. We all listened and the members were very impressed. We particularly liked the fact that you indicated thoughts lead to feelings that lead to actions that make results. You also indicated that fear may keep us safe but fear and failure are prerequisites to achieving our dream. During your talk, it was a very positive sign that you are doing something you love and imparting that information to others. Our meeting was very impressive. Keep up your passion and abundant joy!

Sara Abate Rez,  Founder and owner of My Personal Brand, shares: 

Judy's High Performance coaching was a powerful experience. Her insightful questions, way of explaining things and the exercises and visualizations created a breakthrough for me. I was able to create my dream schedule, get wisdom from my future self, and see a way to achieve the right balance in my life, which will allow me to reach my goals while honoring my health and relationships.

Tammi Moses, Founder & Chief Encouragement Officer and Hoarding Solutions Expert

Hi, I’m Tammi. I decided to take advantage of High Performance Coaching because I was intrigued. I didn’t think of myself as a “high performer” so I thought it might be worth learning more about it. I honestly was skittish about committing to a 3 hour coaching session. I can barely commit to 2 hours of focus some days. However, I did the questionnaire beforehand and we worked our way through the questions & discussed them thoroughly to figure out what I needed to be working on. The time actually went by really fast!

I felt this coaching was different in that I walked away with things I could do right away. It also reinforced that I was doing the right things, I just needed to do more of it.

I appreciate Judy’s authenticity and we connected right away. I felt valued and encouraged. As a business owner, we don’t always realize that we need this level of support. I gained that the simple incremental shifts are still an improvement. It doesn’t have to be intense.

After my session, I implemented daily exercise or some form of movements, like a bike ride, walking, or a yoga routine.

I learned through this session that taking time out to focus on my needs is NOT a waste of time. If I don’t function well, nothing functions well. Exercise helps me sleep better, which makes me a much more pleasant person to be around! I’m more focused when I have proper sleep and I am more creative.

 Doing it by yourself isn’t the best strategy. High Performance Coaching is both positive and motivating and it can help you reach your milestone quickly.  The clarity will make a huge difference as you move forward!

Thomas Permuy

I decided to sign up for High-Performance Coaching because I felt like my day was running me instead of the other way around. Being pulled in multiple directions demands that I must master my schedule, instead of allowing interruptions to control the pace of the day.

When you realize that the session is three hours, it can be intimidating. Being able to sit down and focus on the goal of the session makes the time seem shorter than it is. There is so much information packed into those three hours that it feels like a few days have passed since the start.

The initial questionnaire was straightforward, asking questions to establish a baseline for my self-assessment. When we got started, I was nervous about the questions during the session, primarily because it was forcing me to look at my situation from a different perspective.

Judy was there to gather my responses and drive me deeper towards the issues affecting me. It is easy to convince yourself that the barriers to High Performance are external. Yet, in fact, they are mostly internal. The session forced me to get out of my own way to develop habits to effectively control my life.

There were many things that I learned in those three hours, but if I had to nail it down to the top ones, I’d have to say reminding myself throughout the day of my purpose and strengths keep me focused. Another key to my day is to block time throughout the day to take a break, meditate, and relax to avoid draining my energy within the first few hours of the day.

Before the coaching session, I had too many to-do lists that never were fully completed. After the coaching session, I have discovered the means to take those lists and turn them around. Now everything is finished in its own time without a rush.

My advice for someone on the fence about doing High-Performance Coaching: You cannot figure it all out on your own, but Judy is THE person who can help you get started towards managing your life and upping the game on your performance.