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Whether you are going through a rough patch or you simply want to achieve more, finding a life coach to help you create a lifestyle that supports your long term goals can be the key to success. Judy Skilling has gone through extensive training from some of the best life coaches in the world and specializes in key disciplines that can be beneficial to clients in all stages of achievement. Learn how Judy’s expertise in transformational, high performance, and health and wellness coaching make her the best life coach for you.

Programs Offered By The Best Life Coach

Successful life coaching requires an innate ability to identify the needs of a client and adapt to them. This is why Judy specialized in more than one life coaching discipline. At different times in our life, we all require unique guidance to help us get to where we want to be. Each area of Judy’s expertise builds upon itself to help her client’s be successful. The dedicated focus on the end goal of a happy and fulfilling life is one of the many reasons why clients from around the world seek Judy out. 

Change Your Life With The Best Life Coach

Working with a life coach can be an eye-opening and life changing experience when your coach and your program are the right fit. For this reason, Judy Skilling specialized in a number of different disciplines that can be applied to various stages of life, challenge, and achievement. Regardless of what stage of life you are in, if you want to change your life, contact the best life coach today.

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Judy Skilling's Coaching Programs

Transformational/Spiritual Coaching

Transformational life coaching features five key areas of focus. In order to become one of the best life coaches in the transformational arena, Judy knew how important it was to learn at the hand of the master - Mary Morrissey. With 40+ years of understanding and application, Morrissey developed the principles for transformational life coaching. Judy helps clients navigate each phase to create a life they truly love living. Transformational life coaching includes five key focus areas:

DreamBuilder | Life Mastery | Working With The Law | Into Your Genius | Standing Firm When Your World Is Shaking

Each focus area relies on unique principles that allow clients to gain intimate knowledge about themselves, their situations, and what is required to overcome hurdles and achieve accomplishments. Learn more about transformational life coaching with the best life coach.

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High Performance Coaching

We’re all familiar with the books that discuss the commonalities of highly successful people. Identifying these common traits is only the first step of becoming the high performer you aspire to be, next is mastering those traits and applying them to your everyday life. With the support of the best life coach in {City}, you can learn the mindset, behaviors, strategies, and thought processes of high performers and begin applying them to your lifestyle. High Performance coaching includes a deep dive into the following characteristics:

Clarity | Energy | Courage | Productivity | Influence

Gaining an understanding of these characteristics and learning behaviors and strategies that can be incorporated into your everyday life to help you achieve the next-level. Learn more about how high performance coaching with a leading life coach can help you create your very best life.

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Health & Wellness Coaching

The Sum Sanos program begins with setting goals, changing habits, and, ultimately, stabilizing your health so you can lead your best life. This life coaching program is rooted in habit change science that has not only been proven beneficial for clients seeking long term weight loss but also in all areas of life. Clients who participate in the Sum Sanos health and wellness program benefit from monthly coaching sessions with the best life coach, ongoing academic seminars, a client Facebook community, and exclusive invitations to local health and wellness events. Learn more about the Sum Sanos health and wellness coaching program here.

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