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International Leading Health & Wellness Coach

Physical and mental wellness are an essential part of achieving your long-term goals and becoming your ideal version of yourself. Because of the interconnectivity between mental and physical wellness and success, Judy Skilling is not only certified as transformational life coach and a high performance coach but she is also a skilled wellness coach. Her expertise is in the Sum Sanos program.

What Is The Sum Sanos Method?

This approach to wellness coaching focuses on the way we, as human beings, create and break habits. Nearly half of the acts we perform everyday are automatic and entirely beyond your conscious awareness. They are the result of habits that are many years in the making. Habits determine your actions and no matter how hard you try not to give into those behaviors that have made up your routine for so long, it is nearly impossible to break habits without strategic intervention.

Sum Sanos wellness coaching is based on habit change science discerned from research conducted by Dr. Gina Cleo, which is proven to help participants achieve long-term weight loss and other wellness initiatives. This approach to wellness coaching and weight loss is not a diet and exercise prescription. It is a real approach to behavior modifications that can be sustained throughout a lifetime.

What Does The Sum Sanos Wellness Coaching Program Entail?

By participating in the Sum Sanos wellness coaching program with Judy Skilling, you will receive expert guidance through weekly coaching sessions and access to an exclusive, supportive community of people who are striving to achieve similar goals. Through this process, you will learn the fundamentals of the Sum Sanos program and develop the skills needed to intervene on bad habits and develop good ones, allowing you to achieve long-term success.

"Judy has a depth of knowledge in which she learned through her life experience and her education and it's unparalleled. Don't even think about working with her, just act upon it immediately and get close with this woman. You won't regret it!"

Adam Kocher
Life Mastery Consultant

Here’s how it works.

Your wellness coach will introduce you to the Sum Sanos Method over the course of a year. Through weekly coaching sessions, you will learn how to set achievable goals and create a path that will direct you toward success. Your coach will be with you every step of the way, offering motivation, inspiration, and support.

In addition to one-on-one support from your wellness coach, you will gain access to a private, client Facebook community that connects you to others who are a part of the Sum Sanos program, just like you. This provides you 24/7 support from your peers, as well as a place to celebrate milestones, strategize through hardships, and build lasting relationships with people who provide a positive energy that supports your goals.

Dr. Gina Cleo, the pioneer of the Sum Sanos program hosts online, academic seminars that you can attend anywhere, at any time. In these seminars, you will gain inside knowledge and expertise on the most up-to-date research regarding wellness, as well as ongoing strategies for achieving wellness.

Last, but certainly not least, Judy Skilling’s wellness coaching program includes regular invitations to wellness events where you can connect and build relationships with other Sum Sanos clients. There is something magical about attending live events with like-minded individuals and you can experience that magic by enrolling in our wellness coaching program right here in Denver.

To learn more about registering for Judy Skilling’s wellness coaching program, contact her today.

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