Are You A Self-Help Junkie?

books self-help Sep 05, 2018

Are You A Self-Help Junkie?

When we proclaim ourselves to be a 'Self-Help Junkie', we wear it with a badge of honor of some sort. Surrounded by books such as "Think and Grow Rich", "How to Win Friends and Influence People", and "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People", we absorb the classic information in order to improve our lives. We look to these books to learn, grow, and evolve into better people, right? But what happens when we continue on this repeatable, merry-go-round cycle of self help with no end in sight...we burn out! We throw our hands in the air and loudly proclaim "That didn't work for me!! What a bunch of crock!" 

I see it time and time again. In fact, I used to be on the merry-go-round cycle of self-help books, frequently reading and learning new personal development strategies but failing to implement even ONE technique. All the while wondering..."Am I wasting my time? Maybe the next book will be better for me." 

In this post, I'll share just ONE thing you can do TODAY to end the self-help cycle. It's what I used myself to break the cycle and I'm not gonna sugar coat it, it was really hard. It required consistency and mindful consciousness in breaking the book junkie habit. 

So what was the ONE thing I did? 

I implemented the best strategy that fit me after reading a self-help book and maintained the strategy for 30 days AND did not pick up/read another self-help book until AFTER the 30 day trial.  

WHAAA???? That's it?!? 

I said it was going to be hard, yet it's quite simple. Just implement ONE thing from a self-help book to adapt into your life and test it. Give it 30 days to see if it works for you. If not, chuck it and read another book or better yet, adopt another strategy from the same self-help book you just read. 

This was a game changer for me for two reasons. 1) It helped me stay focused on just one thing so I wasn't overwhelmed on information overload that a majority of self-help books feature. They always have loads of information that when you're done, you don't do anything cause you don't know where to start. This way, I had my choice to pick what would work best for me and give it a go. 2) It curbed my spending on buying books. LOL! Giving myself 30 days to test a technique allowed me to not buy the next self-help book. Honestly, I don't think I've ever heard someone say to me "Judy, you have a book addiction. It's time to see someone." I joke but I had to step back and realize that my books help me grow as a person but if I don't implement what I've learned, then I'm hurting myself in the end. 

To further emphasize utilizing just one principle, I'll use the example "How To Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie and how it helped me with a technique that I still use to this day. In the book, Dale writes that the sweetest sound is a person hearing their own name. He writes how important it is to address people by their name, as opposed to some worker or stranger. So I started to do this, calling people by their name, everywhere I went. I mean nowadays, EVERYONE has a name tag, right? Some people looked at me weird cause I said their name, some even asked me "Do I know you?" even when they're wearing their name tag, but most often, it gave people a smile and it felt like I was being a person of increase by acknowledging them and appreciating the work they're doing by calling them by their name. I'm not gonna lie, it was weird at first. Now, I consider it a part of my routine. 

So what book are you reading and what will you implement for the next 30 days? 

I'd love to hear from you! 

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