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High Performance Coaching for Military and Veteran Entrepreneurs

Achieve results in: 

Eliminating distractions to be laser focused in productivity

Enhancing your well-being to crush your daily goals

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance so that you spend time doing what you love



Have You Ever...

Struggled to stay focused, to get ahead in life, or wanted to have better influence with your team, family, friends, or customers/clients? 

Or Even...

Struggled with adapting to civilian life and realizing that your military skills may be obsolete.

Or Perhaps...

You wanted to start your own business but lack the structure, consistency, and productivity to gain the recurring revenue that's needed in your business. 


That you have a consistent, revenue generating business that helps people. You're proud of what you're able to provide to people through your services or products. You have managed to increase your business everyday by being strategic, implementing income producing activities, and you're able to remove any distractions preventing you from earning a fulfilling income for you and your family.


that you are able to spend more time with your family and friends than ever before. Your business isn't demanding all of your time and your family is happy that you are able to take vacations and have fun again! You feel a sense of freedom and relief knowing that having a healthy work-life balance is possible.

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Have you ever wondered what skills you learned in the military can be applied in your business? These 5 critical skills can propel you ahead of your competition when you know how to strategically use them.

"Judy has a depth of knowledge which she learned through her life experience and her education and it's unparalleled. Don't even think about working with her, just act upon it immediately and get close with this woman. You won't regret it!"

Adam Kocher
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